Pre Natal Group Class

Pre Natal Group Classes

About the Pre Natal Classes

If you are a pregnant and wondering if doing Pilates will help you in pregnancy and childbirth, in most cases, is yes.

However, at The Pilates Studio Edinburgh we do not run pregnancy group classes for beginners or New to Pilates participant. Only Post-Natal group classes.

If you were learning Pilates with us before you got pregnant, you can continue practicing with us because we already know your body well and Pilates would not be a new activity for your body.

We do not recommend that you take up a new physical activity when you are pregnant and suggest that you wait until after childbirth before starting Pilates.

Here are the services that I offer to the Pre & Post Natal as a Holistic Exercise Specialist and Pilates Teacher:


Private Pilates sessions with Pilates Apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector;

Group Mat Pilates Classes; (All class participants must attend some private sessions before they start a group session, and if they are new to Pilates, they should wait till after birth to learn the method properly)

All these sessions are beneficial to the Pre-Natal Body, because:

  • Pilates Strengthen their Body and prepare for an easier Labour and speeds up post-birth recovery;
  • It helps with the Gravitational Pull;
  • It prevents Diastasis Recti of the Abdominals by keeping their Abdominals stronger and Linea Alba;
  • It strengthens their pelvic floor muscles;
  • It Improves and corrects their Posture and teaches them movements about how to get up and down from the bed and car seats and chairs;
  • Improves their mood, energy levels, circulation, releases tension on their spine and lifts their powerhouse, and so on….

We are proud to be collaborating with Edinburg Birth & Baby.


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Pre Natal Group Class

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