Post Natal Semi-Private Sessions

Post Natal Semi-Private Sessions

What is it about?

It’s a fascinating way to engage with your bundle of joy whilst you are exercising and looking after your body, mind and state of spirit.

If Pilates is new to you, you would start with an Hour Introductory Private Pilates Session, where you will be assessed on Post-Natal matters such as:

  • Diastasis Rectus ( Abdominal Separation).
  • Pelvis Alignment, Posture (Neck, Shoulder and Back) and any other musculoskeletal history injury if applicable.

After being introduced to the Pilates method and you are feeling confident about joining a group session, the Semi-Private Post Natal Pilates is designed to create a happy and atmospheric place, practicing Pilates using all Pilates apparatus.

What are the benefits of Pilates and Why does it aid Recovery from Post-Birth?

Pilates is perfect for helping new Mothers through the recovery process after pregnancy and strengthen important muscles necessary for the mother to cope with its physical and mental demands post-birth.

More benefits:

  1. Draws and lift your abdominals (specifically your transverse abdominis) back together after being stretched for 9 months during pregnancy – also great for strengthening.
  2. Engages the deepest abdominals muscles of your “Corset Girdle” around your wait, back and front of your body.
  3. Strengthens your body as a whole, specially your Pelvic Floor Muscles, aid on prolapsed organs and strengthens your confidence levels.

When Can I Start?

Post-Natal Pilates is suitable for mothers to bring their baby or babies (if they have twins) only to their private sessions within six weeks after natural birth and six to nine weeks after c-section. Depending also on the current level of physical abilities of the mother on getting out and about with or without the baby.
We try to avoid bringing babies to the Semi-Private sessions to ensure focus and productivity.


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Post Natal Semi-Private Sessions

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