One-to-One Pre & Post Natal Sessions

You can also bring your baby with you!

One-To-One Pre Natal

About Private Pre Natal Sessions

Pilates is not advisable to be undertaken by brand new participants whilst pregnant. During pregnancy any new physical activity can be dentrimental to the body, therefore if Pilates is new to your body, I will welcome you after you have given birth with your baby for Post Natal Pilates.

On the other hand, if you have done Pilates before please follow the link to book your private session or join our group classes.

One-To-One Post Natal

About Private Post Natal Sessions

Private Pilates sessions with Pilates Apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector;

I assess Diastasis Recti, Postural Analysis, Flexibility and Strength test on their first session. C-Section are treated with much more care and caution around their abdominals for the first 6 -12 months post birth at least.

All these sessions are beneficial to the Post-Natal Body, because:

  • Pilates strengthen Pelvic Floor from the Powerhouse:
  • The Pilates method teaches the post-natal body how to effectively activate the Pelvic Floor Muscles in class, and how they transfer that knowledge into their daily life; I give them homework and they become accountable for it;
  • The method also teaches them how to restore and heal from the Diastasis of the Recti Abdominals; they learn several different exercises every week, i give them homework and they learn how to self assess themselves and I also check them every two to three weeks in classes;
  • It teaches them postural exercises and sling wearing/fitting positions, so they don’t hang on their lower backs, nor damage their neck and shoulders;
  • They become stronger as an One Body, as Pilates strengthen the body as a One long Plumb Line;
  • They feel happier and stronger;

How would the Referral Pathway work between The Physio and the Pilates Teacher/Holistic Exercise Specialist? If requested or enquired for an individual need?

Normally, this is how I work with Physios:

If I have a client that contacts me to start Pilates to correct her Prolapsed organs,or Diastasis for example:

The Physio normally sends the people who they have assessed and needing Pilates to strengthen their bodies to The Pilates Studio Edinburgh (myself) as their exercise specialist or Pilates Teacher with the report of that assessment. So, I can prescribe the specific exercises in relation to that body who is in front of me.

The Classical Pilates method corrects body issues such as:
Diastasis Recti, weak Pelvic floor or Incontinence, weak Back, frozen Shoulder, any spinal issues, because the correct body placement, alignment and support that the exercises teach the bodies, naturally treat these issues with the Reformer, and all the Principles of Pilates in the Pilates Studio.


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