Magic Circle

Magic Circle

What can the Magic Circle do for your body?

Joseph Pilates, the originator of the exercise method, referred to core muscles as the body’s “powerhouse.”
That means that every movement done with the magic circle should, first, originate from the corset of muscles encircling the midsection.

If your arms or legs are working but the core is not, then a prime opportunity for conditioning has been lost.
Activate the core first.

The magic circle is a resistance ring of pliable metal that is padded and has handles. It’s a tool to help deepen those Inner Abdominals Muscles so that they provide even more power and improve body’s strength and stability.

What makes the magic circle especially useful is that – as tension is applied to the circle – the circle, in return, provides increased resistance to the muscles.

In other words, the harder you squeeze the circle, the harder it squeezes back.

The Magic Circle promotes the body’s stability, alignment and it really helps to open the back and deepen the powerhouse muscles engagement.

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