Mat Pilates - The Original

Mat Pilates - The Original

About the Mat Pilates Classes

We offer four different options of group classes, on-line and in person (please check our timetable):

  • Mat Pilates: the return to life, original mat Pilates class. Currently, there are two different levels for you to choose from:
    • Basic II – Intermediate and
    • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Trigger Point Pilates: myofascial tension release following Pilates principles
  • Conquer Gravity: a blend of Pilates, calisthenics and suspension
  • Magic Circle: the Pilates ring that aids resistance and suport for your mat exercises, deepening your powerhouse muscles.

These are a great social activity. All classes cater to all fitness levels to encourage progression and motivation. There is a maximum of twelve participants per class. Classes are booked in four-week blocks. Please check the calendar for dates and book online or call on 07922202968.

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Mat Pilates – The Original

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