Mother and Baby Pilates

K.C. Mum to Charlie (6 months old)

Feel more in control of pelvic floor

Life was Hectic just before I started Mother and Baby Pilates! I Feel that the class along with having a good support network has allowed me to (almost!) get back to my pre baby self, not just physically be mentally. Taking baby along, however its been much easier than I’d imagined and thankfully Sabrina, you have been a star jiggling the babies around if needed. The Classes with Sabrina have been fun and relaxed but tough enough to give you a bit of an ache without any pain. I can now do a plank which I couldn’t even do before having a baby. 


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Private & Duet Pilates Sessions

Your specific programme is designed to challenge you, using both traditional and revolutionary exercises, maximizing results.

Mat Pilates 

The return to life, original mat Pilates group class

Trigger Point Pilates 

Myofascial tension release following Pilates principles. Monthly class with an ever changing programme.

Post-Natal Pilates

Post-natal classes can be booked as group classes or private sessions

Conquer Gravity Pilates 

A blend of Pilates, calisthenics and suspension

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Pre and post-natal classes can be booked as group classes or private session

Magic Circle Pilates

Promotes stability, alignment and deepens the powerhouse muscles engagement

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